Proper Packaging of Teeth

Proper packaging of teeth.

It is very important that you package your precious tooth correctly. Baby teeth are small, sharp and fragile. They must be packaged in a way that will not allow the tooth to tear through the envelope or be crushed as it passes through the postal system.

The following is the correct packaging method:

1) Soak the tooth in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes so that it is clean before mailing.

2) Dry the tooth thoroughly.

3) Wrap the tooth in plastic wrap or tin foil so that it doesn’t get lost in the packing material.

4) Fold a piece of card stock or cardboard in half, place the tooth inside and tape the open edges, or place in a small box or empty pill bottle.

5) Wrap the cardboard “envelope”, box or bottle in bubble wrap.

6) Print and complete the tooth I.D. form.

7) Place the bundled up tooth and the order form into a small padded envelope.

8) Be certain that the envelope is securely sealed before mailing.

9) Send the tooth by First Class Mail to:

Tooth Fairy Marbles

1600 Woodside Ave

Bay City MI 48708-5480

*Contrary to popular belief The Tooth Fairy is not responsible for lost teeth.

Please package your precious tooth carefully.